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The tech world has been buzzing these days about AI. No company is currently as hot as the venerable OpenAI, run by Sam Altman. It's incredible to watch the pace of innovation going on. And I decided to take a crack at one of their new features: GPTs. GPT stands for Generative Pre-Trained Transformers, but you don't really need to know that. They're basically chat bots with a specific purpose. And you can now build one without any coding skills. You just talk to Chat GPT and it builds it for you. If you have a paid account on OpenAI, you can create your first GPT here.

First Attempt: Soul Guide

My first attempt was to create a spriritual guru who blends all religious and mystical traditions together to give generic spiritual wisdom. You can check it out here. I wouldn't say it's all that remarkable, just a quick idea I spat out. And I found it kind of funny to imagine AI taking the role of spiritual gurus. They would honestly be good at it. And have a lot fewer faults than the myriad of scandals many other spiritual gurus find themselves in. But who knows, this one might evolve to a point of asking you for money, but at least I can explicity tell it not to.

The process was easy. Tell the editor what I'm building. It suggests a name, I can call it whatever I want. It prompts me with questions about the nature of this agent and how it should communicate. It even generated a profile picture for me, which is a very nice touch. Overall, I'm happy. But, I'm curious what else I can do.

Second Attempt: Art Teacher

Then I had the idea of creating an art teacher GPT. I went through the prompts, answers the questions and was amazed by how useful this thing is! I am by no means an artist, but I'd love to get better at drawing and sketching. The way this GPT works is that I ask it for something to draw, I can get a description or an actual image generated for me. Then I do my best to draw it. And upload a picture of what I drew to get feedback from the AI.

I first asked it what to draw.

I liked the idea, so I asked it to generate an image for me to draw.

I gave it a quick sketch, along with some creative liberties.

Then, asked it for feedback!

For an AI chat bot I generated and got value from in a few minutes, this is pretty remarkable!

If you'd like to converse with the art teacher GPT, check it out here.