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Liam Lindner © 2022

Poor Elon

It's pretty sad to watch Elon Musk tear Twitter apart from his own ignorance. After years of therapy and meditation to understand myself better. And countless stories of successful people in tech working obsessively to the point of cruelty to others. I can say with certainty that the drive to do that comes from a place of unhealed trauma. No one is "hardcore" about work, unless they deeply hate their current situation. Elon Musk is one of the richest men in the world and still suffers from unhealed trauma. No amount of money fixes a dysfunctional personality. Money makes it easier to avoid dealing with a dysfunctional personality.

Elon Musk has an obsessive need to prove himself. To show others that he is smart, funny, edgy, hard working. No one does that unless they are deeply insecure. And that insecurity comes from a lack of trust in himself and a lack of feeling safe in the world.

It feels like watching a junior developer learn how software engineering works. But the consequences are catastrophic.

  • ✅ Walk into a new codebase and declare every prior decision wrong and dumb
  • ✅ Make outlandish statements to sound smart
  • ✅ Argue with (in this case, fire) anyone who disagrees with him

I don't know where this leads, but it feels like we're all being taken for a ride. Like he's a child who wants friends to play with or to pick a fight with other school kids. He is crying out for attention and desperately seeking approval. He bought the biggest platform for cry babies and made himself king. He is running Twitter into the ground and taking everyone with him.

I used to enjoy Twitter very much. And friends of mine used to work there. And it was kind of a modern marvel of innovation. A crazy idea that actually kinda worked. I was always happy to see Twitter succeed. But if this is what Twitter has become: a platform for Elon rants. I hope it crumbles.